• DTS丨Nescafe sterilization production line in Malaysia has perfectly come to ending!
    Post time: Aug-12-2021

    Nescafe, a world well-know coffee brand, not only “The taste is great”, it can also open up your vitality and bring you infinite inspiration every day. Today, starting with a Nescafe… From the end of 2019 to today, Has been experiencing the global epidemic and other dif...Read more »

  • The good news: DTS retort shop is now on-line on Made-in-China!
    Post time: Jan-27-2021

    DTS is one of the most influential suppliers for food and beverage sterilization manufacturing industry in Asia. DTS is a high-tech enterprise integrating raw material supply, product R&D, process design, production and manufacturing, finished product inspection, engineering transportation an...Read more »

  • Warmly celebrate DTS Nestlé Turkey project successfully passed Nestlé’s Temperature Distribution Testing
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    Shandong Dingtaisheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., as a leader in the domestic food and beverage sterilization industry, has made continuous progress and innovation on the way forward, and has won the unanimous recognition and trust of customers at home and abroad. It...Read more »

  • Thermal sterilization method of food
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    Thermal sterilization is to seal the food in the container and put it in the sterilization equipment, heat it to a certain temperature and keep it for a period of time, the period is to kill the pathogenic bacteria, toxin-producing bacteria and spoilage bacteria in the food, and destroy the food ...Read more »

  • Sterilization of flexible packaging
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    Flexible packaging products refer to the use of soft materials such as high-barrier plastic films or metal foils and their composite films to make bags or other shapes of containers. To commercial aseptic, packaged food that can be stored at room temperature. The processing principle and art meth...Read more »

  • New technology of DTS steam-air mixed sterilization retort
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    DTS newly developed steam fan circulating sterilization retort, the latest technology in the industry, the equipment can be applied to a variety of packaging forms, killing no cold spots, fast heating speed and other advantages. The fan-type sterilization kettle does not need to be evacuated by s...Read more »

  • DTS marketing center walking training activities documentary
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    On Sunday, July 3, 2016, the temperature was 33 degrees Celsius,All the employees of DTS Marketing Center and some employees of other departments (including Chairman Jiang Wei and various marketing leaders) carried out the theme of “walking, climbing mountains, eating hardships, sweating, w...Read more »

  • Warmly celebrate the success of the factory acceptance of the Malaysian project
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    In December 2019, DTS and Malaysia’s Nestle Coffee OEM factory reached a project cooperation intention and established a cooperative relationship at the same time. The project equipment includes automatic loading and unloading cages, automatic transfer of cage baskets, a sterilization kettl...Read more »

  • Welcome Dingtai Company to visit and communicate
    Post time: Jul-30-2020

    In June, a customer suggested that DTS should provide inspection and test work for the selection of sterilization kettle and sterilization packaging bag. Based on DTS’s understanding of the packaging bag in the sterilization industry for many years, it recommended customers to carry out on-...Read more »